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Sinemet, >Madopar<, >Ropinirole<, >Horizant<. Any info on these?

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So a lot of people here have tried Sinemet and Gabapentin, I am on both. I was wondering if anyone has tried these combos. Sinemet with Ropinirole(Requip XL) as I see the Parkinson folks use Requip XL with their Sinemet, also people who don't respond well to Sinemet work well on Madopar(or some do) and was wondering if anyone has tried this with or without Requip XL. While I am on the Requip XL case, wouldn't this seem as a better medication compared to Sinemet or Madopar, apparently the side effects of Ropinirole are you can't keep your wanker in your pants and compulsive gambling "even if you have never experienced these behaviors." That is about as recreational as you can get, pop 50mg and blow all your hard earned money on some hookers and slots in Las Vegas(jk.) Now the Horizant(Gabapentin Enacarbil Extended-Release.) Has anyone tried this? I haven't really done any research on these just came by all them by mistake and one thing led to another when I some how came across a Parkinson forum, I think I was looking up something for my Sinemet? I wouldn't mind trying the Requip XL with the Horizant but heck I don't really know since nobody has ever mentioned these. Has anyone here tried any of these medications, minus the Sinemet, I am currently taking it off and on, it helps a tiny bit nothing mind blowing, so I am just finishing this bottle because I would hate to waste it.


Well if anyone could share a experience or shed some insight on any of this that would be great, I need to call my doctor monday to reup my Gabapentin and I could harass him about the Horizant and Requip XL, I think the Madopar is not available here in the U.S. unless I read that wrong. I will do some research tomorrow myself because I really just ran across this stuff by mistake and haven't really read on it. It is just getting late and time to >try< to sleep! Goodnight folks!



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