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Speeches - Schools etc etc.


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Does anyone think it would be beneficial or a good idea to start doing speeches at schools, universities etc to help kids understand the actual real dangers of doing drugs? In relation to HPPD, what it has done, what it can do, and the underlying problems.

I think making kids realize that things like this can happen, even though it's very rare, some may be saved from a future life of living with HPPD if they don't take the chance and try it. I never even knew that you could develop such a disorder from eating poisonous mushrooms from the ground. 

Tell me what you guys think.

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Of course its always helpful to raise awareness and if you can do this at the university level, it might even be helpful for hppders in creating interest for research. 

I try to talk about hppd alot online. Whenever drugs and specifically LSD/MDMA/SHROOMS come up, i try to mention hppd. To some its crazy talk and well to most it is but raising awareness is always good imo. 


If i knew even the slightest risk of the drugs(MDMA/LSD/Shrooms), knowing myself i can honestly question if i wouldve done it or not.  I usually google medicine i take but i cant believe i didnt do that for mdma/lsd, i was too busy chasing the euphoria.


Unfortunately, i was introduced to these drugs by friends and they  had no previous ill effects so i obviously believed i wouldnt either. Especially because i had a much higher tolerance to marijuana amongst friends. so immature of me now that i reflect on it lol and this was only 5 month ago *cringe* 

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