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Nootropics-Racetams-Ampakines and >Kratom< for opiate users

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Well I've been taking a ton of vitamins. amino acids, fish oil, moringa and carbs. Feeling pretty good. I am also taking Tramadol and Gabapentin(300 mg 2x a day. I wish my doc would just give me 1500 mg, 1 300 mg every hour would be nice), I will be dropping the Tramadol just because it attacks too much of the brain and will replace it with this stuff called "Kratom." It won't be a long term thing, ordered a oz of it and plan on dosing low just to combat Tramadol W/D which I don't think will be bad I've only been using about 3 weeks around 200-250 mg. Kratom seems like some cool stuff and if you don't mind addiction it is a fairly cheap product with opiate like effects http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitragyna_speciosa. Hopefully this stuff never becomes illegal because I wouldn't mind using once in awhile when I feel I am completely free of any addiction(also I quit a 30 mg daily valium dosage overnight when I started Gabapentin, I'm sure the Tramadol helped me kick it too.)


Ok so aside from Kratom and all that other stuff I have ordered Nootropics. I only got what I could afford but I sure am going to build my stock up, this is the reason I want to be completely clean so these products can do their jobs.

So far I ordered Phenylpiracetam, Sulbutiamine and Picamilon

I am missing a few things as I am new to this and broke atm but my next step is to get these 4 and they are a must have.



CDP Choline



These I just want to try




Also I basically forgot how to sleep it feels like so I am going to order some

Herb Pharm California Poppy Extract

Herb Pharm Relaxing Sleep Tonic


Well when I get off of Tramadol and the time feels right I will start adding in these one at a time and find the perfect balance and mixture for me, I am mostly afraid of getting addicted to Kratom since it is legal and cheap lol. I will report back if anything changes, as of now I am just feeling more energetic and focused and my eyes aren't as sensitive to light but I think that is due to the Tramadol. I got a million eye floaters constantly lol but mentally feeling better. Has anyone ever tried nootropics or kratom?

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Reading this very flippantly...

Kratom...remember doing that pre-HPPD. Amazing euphoric experience. Probably the best body experience I have had. Horrible 'comedown' skin irritation that lasted for quite a few hours, couldn't sleep for ages. Lasting impression; amazing but kind of freaky. I was thinking about trying it again some time.

Slightly unhelpful, I know.

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