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So I got this from antibiotics which then got triggered by neurofeedback and now anythign I look at I get a positive afterimage..I find by squezzing something in occipital lobe I can control it too a low degree.....  Anyone else have these symptoms?  How long before they went away?  Did you take any medication for??

If it isnt a lesion etc...what is the thinking behind this phenomena?


Thank you all... Been living in Hell


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Having read a couple of your previous posts, I realise I am not in a position to offer you advice.


This is probably of no use to you but please read Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks.


It might not have any ideas on how to stop these symptoms, however it is has helped me understand ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS in a psychologically healthy way.


Palinopsia is mentioned in the book about two thirds of the way through but I would suggest reading the whole thing as it really is magnificently interesting as well as reasuring.

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