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I used to post round here


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Hi guys


As I've been recently suffering from some other unrelated health issues, my past experiences on HPPD came to mind as I trawl through the internet about other things as I no doubt many are doing as you read my words.I remember very dark days obsessing about my vision issues.... I wanted to come back and post, god damn those folks that solve their problems then let others stew!!!  ;)


I felt I should take the time out to return to the forum or at least a forum I used to post on way back in 06,07... God knows what my user name was....was it this forum...I can't access my old email to check my username or the form I posted on.... looks ways different.


Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I was going mad..... I had crazy starburst effects on every light, insane tracers everywhere especially when I didn't focus on a light and let it go through my vision unfocussed, I had a line through my vision on closing eyes 24/7, a big black dot in the middle of my vision on opening eyes, I could regularly see the reflection of capiliaries of retina, the white blood cell, floaters effects, what else,,,,errr, major windows 95 style screen saver morphing colour craziness with eyes closed all day every day, major negative colour vision with images when I moved vision.....and every time I saw vertical real life lines my vision produced horizontal florescent yellow and pink wiggly lines and vise versa for about 2 years after.... plus more.... I even did some shitty paintbrush style representations for some internet study that was happening back in late 06.


anyway, that pretty much all went away after a couple of years. totally gone by 08 and never been back since.  firstly this came about because of ecstasy and mdma powder (now called molly I guess...f-in gringos  ;) however I firmly believe mine was heavily influenced by circulatory issues I was having becase I was living in Japan with no heating at the time....my circulatory system suffered as a result...... as also anxiety majorly affects circulation, you're obsessions make it worse. I know it's very hard to get away from, I really really know...... don't get mad at me.... but ocding about your vision (I KNOW you're *not* inventing it) but it is possibly making it worse.....tackle your anxiety once you've exhausted your obsessive checking, because I know you need to check and read and research.... do it.... but when you're done, get to sorting your mental side a little and if you're anything like me, which obv I cant promise you are, but if you are, youll see improvements.... and by god exercise helped me.


im a hypocrite because I know in times of crisis that words of others cant change everything but at least know that 95% of my symptoms have gone.


we're likely not the same, but have faith my friend, I know what you're going through.


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ANY success story is welcomed here. I'm very happy for you and thank you for coming back and giving people some hope.

I want to get to a point where I'm the one posting on here saying " hey guys remember how fucked up I was?"

Were there any meds you took along the way that helped?

Thanks again for sharing

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