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HPPD, Cyst and the all might Pineal Gland

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Ever since I have gotten my HPPD I have had a cyst formed on the right side of my neck below the ear and around the base of the skull if that makes any sense, it is basically on my edgeup/hairline on the right side). I also read that cyst can be formed by intoxication but I can't find that link,

Also the pineal gland



When my migraines happen the right side of my neck stiffens, the cyst seems to get harder or bigger? IDK maybe in my head. But my migraines come from right smack in the middle of my brain and at the base of my skull and neck.

I am going to try and have this cyst removed next week if possible.

Was wondering if anyone has done a MRI and found any abnormal cyst or something most people would just nod off on and say it will go away on its own, which mine hasn't has been over 2 years. When you got your MRI did they even check for cyst?

IDK just got bored and was looking up to see what kind of cyst this could be that I have then came across a ton of stuff that closely resembles HPPD and cyst and the pineal gland.

Any input or thoughts would be nice.

Thank you

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