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I keep trying to make people laugh. I just cant talk funny anymore, because i dont feel a damn thing. Sometimes Joy in my head. Or I laugh at people how they are, and want to be like that.  FUCKED UP!! My hope is still on Lamictal, i really hope my vision' and death fear go away, and will heal. Probably most of you want this :)


I have a bad case of DP/DR and HPPD. I feel like shit, and want to cry all day. I am going to be alone.. in my own world.. my mom is going to die.. My brother and me are not friends, I have no real friends anymore. I dont like irritating jokes, i like to look at things and think ohhh how nice it could be again! I think i think i think i think.


Elliot helps me. 


Here are some examples:





Maybe you have someting about it!


Have fun!

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