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Obligatory end of breaking bad thread

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tears..pain..and death


aka, how every season ends :D .. cept more tears on my end.


and yeaaaaaah obsession since i got introduced before season 3.. the last few episodes have been mind blowing television. last 2 episodes especially. cranston may not have taken the best actor win this year but he will next for sure. glad the show won best drama though. 


for a serious prediction of the end, <spoilerish.. dont read if you havent watched to this season)...












walt shows up, leaves his old company a parting gift.. storms the nazi compound... sees jesse.. debates saving jesse.. todd interupts and kills walt but gets all depressed because he idolized walt... jesse gets a gun and kills todd.. grabs the ar15 and mows down the rest of the nazis.. gets away and flash to a few years later.. jesse looks broken but alive... walking down street somewhere in belize.. being followed by tall white guy with uber blonde hair from the euro faction lydia works for... end show


as long as they dont end it with jesse turning to walt and asking if he wants some ice cream bitch..   <fuck dexter for wasting 8 years of my life>

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Ya I might cave and dl it. I've already hidden a few posts on FB that contained the words breaking bad. Hope it wasn't a let down like dexter. Although I never watched that show my buddy described how it ended and it sounded like a total slap in the face to the fans.

I have faith that breaking bad won't disappoint

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yeah.. it was about as happy an ending as was humanly possible for that show... people still complaining but theres always people who will complain. but if they went the other way and let the nazis and toss especially live way more would have been super pissed... and if they had jesse finish off walt then it would have ruined jesse's entire redemption arc and been completely out of character for him. he's had months to reflect on what he did to put himself there, no matter how much he blames walt he chose to follow him knowing where it could lead for him and those he loved.



honestly to anyone that can still complain after how well acted that whole episode was i say go try and write and direct a series like breaking bad yourself, and then come back and complain

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