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Beginnings of DP/DR? Help please!

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Hey guys, I accidentally drank alot of ginger ale with caffeine (usually it's caffeine free) and I had a moment of unreality where i didnt recognize my hands and they looked like alien claws ( when looked at from above- just thumb and index finger, i was eatin a sandwich so he just looked like 2 capital C's) I had strong CEVs and OEVs for a good 2 hours after...

Anyway...i have been more aware of my hands than usual...it's hard to describe...things have been looking slightly cartoonish, mostly cars...i always thought that was because of some prior accidental PCP intoxication bc thats the way cars looked for months, but now im coming to realize by reading dp dr symptom descriptions that it's probably the beginnings of that...

im usually pretty quick, even though i do have mild hppd, but today my dad asked me to call someone on his cell phone and i suddenly blanked out and started getting the beginnings of a panic attack, and i kept reading the menu items (contacts, messages, etc) and couldn't make sense of them at all. This all lasted for about 10 minutes and i felt completely fried out. No thoughts coming or going. Is this the beginnings of DP/DR?

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I could be, I am pretty sure I have dp/dr, somedays it is a lot worse than others. When I first started noticing it my hand and arms looked elongated, like they were foreign, I had this weird numbing feeling all over my body as well. The best way to describe my dp is that I feel my body is a machine, and I am this little man piloting this machine not exposed to it at all. All my info I get through my senses feel displaced from me, the little man, who pulls all the levers and reads the info and responds accordingly but this body, and the outside world is close but I cannot grasp it.

Anyway, the best thing for me is to force myself not to think about it, to push it all the way to the back of my mind. Dp/dr is a weird feeling, it makes you feel like you cannot remember shot, like you have only the snapshot in time. But you are no different, it may seem like you are super impared but you are not, dp/dr is a way for your mind to dissociate itself from your body and your anxiety and your visuals. A way to keep itself from suffering. The best thing and the only thing you can do is not think about it. Over the past days I have decided that for myself. Before I would look at the visuals, every few mins, see if they were getting better, I would think of how detached I was from the world, how singular and alone I was. I decided I was not going to do that anymore, I accepted that the visuals and dp/dr will be there for a while, that looking at them will make them get worse. So I force myself to be occupied, when I ignore my symptoms don't give them the time of day, I don't see them, I don't feel them nearly as much. This will help you a buttload, and I believe the only way to recovery.

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