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Serotonin syndrome/(SSRI?) discontinuation syndrome and HPPD

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Has there been any link with serotonin syndrome and HPPD? SSRI discontinuation syndrome as they explain it also fits my situation but take out the SSRI part, I was a heavy drug addict and my choice of drug was x and weed. It all happened one day I was popping pills like usual and everything was fine until I smoked some hash which was not unusual for me. But this time something happened I went into a retardation mode where I couldn't talk, think straight, motor skills were completely gone, confused, I thought I lost it and was going crazy. On top of that it felt as if my brain was swelling and pushing up against my skull and the right side of my neck was hurting beyond all belief with a fever and migraines, I do believe the weed had caused this because the following 3 days I continued to smoke and it got worse and worse to the point where I didn't know what was real, if I was real, everything just seemed so fake and my vision was weird, best way to explain it was I was just to aware of everything on top of that I was fine that night until I smoked the hash. TBH I went to the ER after smoking weed shortly after this because I seriously thought I had died, I looked my mom right in the eyes and asked her if I was dead I was so disconnected from reality. This lead me down a road I've never been down, chronic anxiety, pain, depression, confusion, a cloudy mind, antisocial, fatigue, loss of motivation, my hands shake really really bad, whatever can go wrong has gone wrong and still is. This was 2 years ago and it has gotten 50% better but even 50% better is still a pure hell. I do get LSD effects but very very minor but it feels more like a very bad weed trip, objects seem animated like the first time you watched a blueray hd movie and it looked weird compared to your old tv, I feel like I am on a movie set and things can turn 2d, but at the same time everything is so foggy and I can hardly stand light, walking into a walmart is the worst thing now lol. I also get blurry vision and a sense I'm in a dream, more like a nightmare, people and colors look weird and sometimes I think it would be safer driving if I was hammered drunk then drive like this. I see things move from the corner of my eyes and just unexplainable stuff. After this happened to me I quit taking x pills but continued other drugs. After I quit I started to get shocks throughout my body every time I took a step like SSRI discontinuation syndrome but I wasn't on SSRIs and this happened for 3 to 4 months. Also the symptoms sound like serotonin syndrome with a twist. If you look into serotonin syndrome it effects your somatic nervous system and much more. I am taking 30mg of valium daily which helps a little bit but it doesn't change anything just keeps my anxiety at a lower level but I still have anxiety and anyone with HPPD knows anxiety is the worst to have with HPPD and I self medicate with hydrocodone which really really helps me out but there isn't a doctor in the world who wouldn't think I'm a joke and take me seriously. I think hydrocodones help with it because it helps with the migraines, but it also gives me my energy back and my motivation to do things(I get a way different effect from hydrocodones then most people and no I don't have to keep upping my dosage 60mg hits the spot have done for over 2 years, every doctor thinks I'm lying or it's not possible but a great doctor would know its a psychoactive drug just like adderall and many other drugs and effect people differently, it doesn't make the HPPD go away but it sure helps me to just ignore it or atleast get through it, I have been taking 60mg a day with very good results, but it's not a cure just a way to get by. I was just wanting to know if anyone else thinks theres a link between HPPD and serotonin syndrome. If this gives any insight, when I don't take my meds the right side of my neck hurts real bad and the knot there seems to harden or grow (could just be in my head), I was told this is a stress vein or something. Also I can pinpoint where my migraines come from, put your finger above your ear just right above it and then 1 on the crown of your head and make a line that crosses each other, its basically right in the middle of my brain. I also get migraines in the back of my head located near the top of my spine to brain area and my spine can hurt like no other as well. The shocks have gone away so I think "SSRI discontinuation syndrome" should involve more then just SSRIs since quitting mdma, weed, lsd or whatever also effects your serotonin. To me some form of serotonin syndrome and HPPD are linked as it involves your cns and serotonin which we all know serotonin is what makes you trip and your cns, well its your cns. Many will disagree with me but I believe weed caused this I have read many other people explaining the same thing. Ask yourself this, did you smoke weed at anytime when you got your HPPD.


HPPD has something to do with serotonin and your cns and possibly HPPD can just be a form of serotonin syndrome. I don't ever see my HPPD going away because I have become to aware of it and notice it 24/7, shapes on walls, thinking objects are moving and it feels like my depth perception is real off and I believe that is what is causing a lot of the visual problems on top of getting foggy minded and foggy or hazy vision. So I believe something with the side of my neck, this pin point pain I get in my brain that seems to be in the middle of it or in that general area and my spine to brain migraines and pain and possibly this knot which I have been told is a cyst but IDK have something to do with HPPD or possibly HPPD is just serotonin syndrome that effects your nerves and serotonin differently. There is a herbal remedy that consist of 8 herbs I have study since the day this has happened I am looking to make but as of now I can't do anything because this problem really effects me when it comes to work or responsibilities unless I am on hydrocodones which I can't afford anymore so life is getting pretty tough.  If anyone has about 200 bucks they want to invest I will surely post these herbs that I do believe can help.


These can be bought off amazon I have used a few with decent results but could never make the whole thing, basically buy what ever weight you want mix in a big bag and you can press 24 pills in 5 minutes. These herbs show promising results for many things and have tons of vitamins and antioxidants plus more. Once I get my mind straight this is the first thing I will be buying.

1: Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder(best plant ever)

2: Neem powder


4:100% Raw Shilajit Extract Powder

5:Triphala Powder

6:St. Johns Wort

7:blue vervain herb powder

8:worm wood

9:pill press and caps 1g

I would recommend taking 4 1g caps 1cap 4 times a day

Consult a doctor before use of any of these. 

I would like any input on this 

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