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HI all,


I have so much problems to sleep at night. I wake up every 2 hours, and i only sleep 2 or 3 hours at night(R.E.M)

I dont know why i wake up so much. I take rivotril 0.5mg and some other anti-depressants for sleep, but still wake up.


Is there a technique or something? Do you take another benzo for the night, Sleep is so important. I hate it to wake up at 4 am i hate the whole day then.

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wish i had an answer for you but the only sleep I get anymore is when i take ambien which i cant let myself do nightly. nights i dont, i dont sleep period. 


a friend of mine though who no longer has the benefit of being able to smoke himself to sleep and has no insurance to be able to go to a doctor and get ambien.. he's lately made strides by taking kava kava extract and filling empty pill gel caps with them. he says 1 pill is usually enough to make him feel like what he imagines normal to feel like for at least a few hours. even then though his sleep habits are nothing to get overly excited about but hes having more luck with the kava than without. 


all i can suggest is try sleeping the way we're intended to naturally.. twice per day. get the few hours you can at night and where you can squeeze it in during the day try to get another 2-3 hours. i somehow have more luck sleeping middle of the day after drinking a red bull then i do trying to sleep at night. when i can squeeze in an hour or two during the day i usually get better sleep at night, though lately doesnt really work either way

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me: besides benzo's 1.3 years,

No more alcohol too. 

It is going to be a long way to heal, I do feel slightly beter then the first months of this shit. It does goes a little better, I still live in my head, i need to break out of my head, Look at the world, focus onto that! Difficult, probably the answer, 

The worst part of my hppd is DP/DR. It exhaustes me.

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