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Results of the Visual Snow Study on October 25th (Hopefully!)


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Hey Guys


As some of you might already know there was a visual snow study going on in San Francisco (UCSF) under the supervision of Dr. Goadsby and

Dr. Schankin this year.

Well it seems that Dr. Schankin will release his findings on October the 25th in Hamburg, Germany at the Schmerzkongress 2013.

I hope that they found something positive.


Good thing for those who also have other visual symptoms, the study was not only focused on visual snow

Here is an extract from the internal medicine news article:


"...Results showed that in addition to visual snow, nearly all patients reported other visual symptoms, such floaters (73%); persistent visual images (63%); difficulty seeing at night (58%); tiny objects moving on the blue sky (57%); sensitivity to light (54%); trails behind moving objects (48%); bright flashes (44%); and colored swirls, clouds, or waves when their eyes were closed (41%)."


More about the Visual Snow study and Dr. Schankin :



Eye On Vision Foundation :


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