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Hey Everybody,


I'm new to the forum and just figured I'd introduce myself.  My story is fairly typical.  I had a really bad acid trip about a year ago.  Before then I had only smoked pot on occasion.  For weeks after the trip I continued feeling dizzy/lightheaded, high-contrast textures seemed to move, couldn't focus on text at all and all sound seemed weirdly amplified in that trippy way where it seems like you can hear every conversation in a public place.  I eventually noticed crazy phosphenes at night, Halos, static, floaters/flashes and after images after a couple months.  I'm lucky enough to not have experienced dp/dr or panic attacks.  I'm happy to say that after about 11 months most of my symptoms have either been greatly reduced or gone away completely.  I rarely feel dizzy anymore, textures are mostly stable, rarely see phosphenes, no more halos, and I don't get the auditory trippiness anymore. My floaters/flashes and static are still there but I think they've either improved greatly or I'm just good at ignoring them.  The only thing that hasn't improved are the afterimages, which seem to have gotten worse over the past few months (negative burns and tracers on bright lights at night).  I'm hoping with a little meditation, stress-management and possibly therapy I can be relatively symptom-free.  I've sworn off all recreational drugs and I very rarely drink alcohol or caffeine anymore.  When I do it's in extreme moderation.  This stuff freaks me out because I work in a creative, visual field in Hollywood so I really depend on my vision.  It hasn't affected my career and I want it to stay that way.  I'm proud to be hitting the one year mark in a month.  I'm hoping the first year is the hardest.  Trying to stay positive.  So anyway just wanted to say "hi".


Any other LA-based HPPDers out there?

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