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this article talks about how poverty reduces your functional iq by using up 'bandwidth'.  I kind of feel the same about hppd.  I've got a dial-up brain - perfectly capable of downloading any size download, but it takes a lot of time and needs all other programs to be closed. 



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relevant words of wisdom from the great Henry George (for anyone interested in social justice and economics will be pissing in the wind without knowledge of this chap - his stuff is online here http://www.henrygeorge.org/bearings.htm):


"A person living alone would need all of his or her powers just to maintain existence. Mental power is set free for higher uses only when human beings associate in communities. Improvement becomes possible when people come together in peaceful association. This permits the division of labor — and all the economies that come from cooperation. The wider and the closer the association, the greater the possibilities of improvement. Therefore, association is the first essential of progress.

"Mental power is wasted in conflict to the extent moral law is ignored — for moral law gives each person equality of rights. The terms equality or justice signify the same thing here: the recognition of moral law. So equality, or justice, is the second essential of progress.

"Association frees mental power for improvement. Equality keeps this power from dissipating in fruitless struggles. We thus arrive at our law:

"Association in equality is the law of human progress."

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