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Recovery (Poem)

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This isn't written by me but I want to share it anyways



Today the ceiling didn’t burst into glowing orange and hexagons,

lines didn’t dance across the floor. I ate five times

& didn’t vomit. I didn’t stumble in traffic,

smoke three packs, or collapse at a party. I walked

to the gas station & didn’t writhe in paranoia when

the attendant asked: Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Today I smiled at myself in the mirror & didn't see a past life.

Today, I didn't search for someone I used to be,

and I didn't imagine the people still to come,

I want to see where this life goes without thinking where it's been.

Today, I didn’t itch. My throat wasn’t dry. My heart didn’t race.

I almost felt as if I was moving on, but I still like to imagine a world

where all humans are wrapped in visible auras

that were manifestations of their souls. What would yours look like?

Mine is a wreath of wilting black roses

shot through with chrysalises full of fire.

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