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A music video which serves as a perfect visual analogy of how DP/DR feel to me


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Oneohtrix Point Never, an artist I like whose music in a way deals a lot with detachment from the self and reality - artistically arranging samples and synths in something of both an homage to and critique of how computer/Internet-technology is shaping the world and with it our humanism. So I guess intentionally or not one can draw parallels to the sentiment of the actual music and DP/DR, but I digress.


(link in onedayillsailagain's post below)


It's essentially a collection of (for the most part) pictures very-realistically 3D rendered objects of varying significane and mundaneness, but at the same time you're aware the images are computer-generated copies of the objects on a 2D plane. The feeling a person without DP/DR (i.e. me circa just over a year ago) seeing these replicas might experience - some kind of clash of distinct familiarity with distance, alienness, unreality - is very similar to the sensation I experience when looking at anything in the world; as though everything is an incredibly faithful yet somehow unreal version of what I know the object to me, like every frame of my vision could be a screenshot used in this video. It's just a lot more scary when you know they aren't images someone's created with 3D software.

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Upper left corner, 3rd from left to right button (or simply left of "Font" drop-down box). Click that, you'll get a pop-up, select "Media" from the drop-down list, and paste URL into the bottom text-field. Cheers :)

This one's about TV (also Dutch, sorry I know very little good English rap!) :

Too bad you don't speak Dutch though.. I know of no rap that's better than Dutch rap; it's a pity Dutch arguably the worst language to reach a wide audience with. Maybe you can copy-paste the lyrics in some translator and see what happens haha. Ohh I just translated it; it's pretty accurate except for a few things.. Usually those things that have a double meaning and cleverly put, get translated a bit strange.
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