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Personal Cure to Sleeping Issues

John Smith

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Hey guys,

Its been a while since i slept well, but it's been getting better. Granted my symptoms are mild by comparison to some, but still, falling asleep was near impossible for me. Ive learned to leave a light on...a tv, something, just so the symptoms dont get a chance to get out of hand (although invariably, they are usually much worse when i wake up, but that usually clears after a few minutes.)

Whats worked magic for me though is music. It sounds retarded. For a while post hppd, music sounded just like noise. I enjoyed it fuck all. Thats not the case anymore thank god. Now, listening to something relaxing usually mellows me down, and i pass out within 30 minutes of putting on my headphones.

I'd recommend Blood on the Tracks by Dylan, some crosby stills nash and young, or some Led Zep acoustic material: Zeppelin III, going to california, black mountain side on a loop.

Hope it helps!

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