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Migraine with Aura

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Yesterday I experienced my first ever migraine with aura (bright blind spot and flashing coloured zigzags, the aura went away after 15 minutes and I have had the splitting headache since then.

Has anyone else experienced this since HPPD onset and are they related? It shit me up quite a bit as at first I thought it was my HPPD gone crazy.

I feel very ill and have had to take the day off college, sumatriptan (imigran) tablets aren't working either.

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the aura isnt specifically hppd related. alot of migraine sufferers get an aura, and since medicine still hasnt solved the riddle of the migraine theres no clear reason why. i imagine hppd would make things potentially worse, but I had halo-fied migraines long before i touched any drug.


try excedrin. may seem like too obvious a thing to actual work, but where most other meds fail me for my migraines excedrin seems to help. 


other suggestions... cold water on a washcloth over your eyes... sit in a room with indirect black light (dont really look at the blacklight but let it bounce in the room around you). lay down in a fetal position in a cold room and hum...


last one is more trying to find humor in a shitty situation, but hell, sometimes the humming does help me (in between the crying in pain :\ ). sometimes the migraines will stay until they choose to go away... if you find regular excedrin or home remedies dont work, and the migraines come frequently, bring it up with your MD. 

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It's gone a way a little bit with 3 more doses of sumatriptan over the last couple of days, it seems to be almost gone by night time and then comes back in the morning for a few hours, it's also made the DP/DR worse but I read those can be symptoms of migraine anyway. Hopefully things die down a bit over the next few days.


Thanks for the advice! When I saw those bright zigzags I thought I was finally ready to be thrown in a padded cell haha.

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