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I'm scared


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Ok well I've done K2 Spice, Weed, and Nutmeg

Over the course of two months ive done K2 spice about 5 times and nutmeg 3 times. I'm sure that weed had anything to do with it.

I think I have hppd, and it sucks really bad. Whenever I take a walk outside I seem to be walking, but then im not going anywhere and its tripping. I fit all the symtoms of hppd aswell.

I'm on Risperdal 3mg a day

Ativan 1mg when needed

Is that good, any hope for me? I would type more but just the thought makes me scared.

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When you say you feel like you're walking when you are standing still, does this mean you see the world sway up and down? Because that is my main symptom.

You say you are on resperidol, meaning you where probably prescribed this by a psychiatist. Go see him, what you perceive maybe a symptom of what ever you are taking antipsychotics for. It maybe HPPD, in which case Resperidol is know to make it worse. Go seek professional help, it seems like the best option for you.

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