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I often feel my gut and my mood are connected. I usually have bad stomach acid issues. It just feels like a hot mess swishing around in my guts most the time ( sorry for the grim image). Lately I have little to no appetite but when I get hungry my hppd and mood get 100 times worse. To the point where I'm almost full on tripping. Right now my stomach is upset and I'm feeling really out of it. Heavy gross feeling all over. Especially in the brain.

What are some things I can do to improve this?

I'm open to all suggestions

Herbal remedies?

Also I'm wondering if the accutane I took as a lad plays a roll in all of this? I know it's caused digestive issues in people and is over all a horrible drug.

I don't want to over think things but looking back I wonder where all this really began.

Again any advice or comments are more than appreciated


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