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Hallucinations: Research and Practice (book)

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Looking up info for the Coluracetam article I came across, I found this book.
It mentions HPPD, which quite surprised me. Anyway, if you're interested I suggest you read chapter 6.

Speaking of books.. If anyone comes across a copy of "Neuroscience of Hallucinations", that would be awesome!
I'm thinking of buying the book myself, but it's rather expensive. It should prove to be quite the good read though.

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Any time! I watched some snippets from this film: http://worldsciencefestival.com/webcasts/sacks

It would seem mostly philosophical rather than scientific.. but I haven't watched the whole thing, and I would presume the scientific bit would come at the end. Thought I might share ;)

edit: Yep doing decent, all things considered. Just waiting for Colu and watching Fringe.. Same back to you!

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