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HPPD and relationships


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For those of you who are in relationships, do you feel HPPD has affected/is affecting it in a negative way at all? Does your partner know and how supportive have they been?


I've been in a relationship for a year now and due to my DP/DR which comes with some emotional disconnection, I do find it hard sometimes. Particularly connecting emotionally to my partner. I do have feelings and affection for my partner, I know they are there but due to the DP/DR I feel disconnected from those feelings, which is sometimes hard.

On the plus side, when I spend time with my partner it does take my mind off HPPD a great deal and is one of the things that keeps me going really, there has been moments where I've completely forgotten about it. My HPPD is relatively mild so I'm hoping I have a good chance at recovery, it's just the dissociation gets hard sometimes.


Not to be crude but thankfully one thing it hasn't affected is my Libido. I'm still a 21 year old male AKA lump of testosterone in that department which is good too, haha.


How about you?

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