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Someone on the VS FB group experienced improvements in symptoms with this drug. I know there are a few other cases of it helping on the VS forum as well. Possible involvement of other meds as well (notably cinnarizine, similar to flunarizine).


nearly 6 weeks on Cinnarizine, over two weeks B2 and magnesium, nearly 3 months Cyclo3Forte and today is my 5th day on Pizotifen. Don't know which one did it . I see VS only in the dark and very dim light. BEEP is much milder than it used to be. I don't have any headache or balance problems/unsteadiness. I feel good.


Pizotifen is a 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C antagonist. Potentially useful for serotonin syndrome or MDMA overdose, according to Wiki.

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Interesting. Although as you indicate the other medications/supplements could have been responsible or contributed (quite a few people on the VS forum have reported improvements from magnesium). I'd certainly give it a go, though.

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Hmm I just saw Cinnarizine is OTC when I went to the pharmacy.
Though I read something about how piperazines can cause parkinsonian syndrome or something like that. Anyone tried this? Indications are for balance problems. I have these, which are quite annoying if you're trying to walk (I just feel like my body is all over the place making strange choppy movements).

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