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Is this site loading slowly for any one else?

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I often get 'waiting for ajax.googleapis.com...' appear at the bottom of my browser and when this happens the site loads very slowly / does not load at all. To fix the problem I manually refresh the page and it usually works, but it is a bit annoying. Anyone else experience something similar?

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The problem is fixed. I was 100% sure I didn't have a virus or any spyware. It seemed to be a problem with Google related services only (which this and many other sites use). Any ping to google.co.uk timed out. Turned out to be a problem with my router - I don't know exactly what went wrong but I reset it and all is well.

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No. I think you have a virus. Check your browser extension list and do a scan.  However, i notice macaffee site advisor puts hppdonline as red flag, says: This link might be dangerous. We tested it and found security risks. Beware.


Whats going on?


This might require further investigation by David. Another forum I use recently got hacked and had spyware inserted into the site. I don't use McAfee. Does it say anything else?

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