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Turning 26 and losing medical insurance.. Any suggestions?


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Good news is I have managed to make it an entire year in California after moving out here without a housing situation or job. Found a job and an apt fairly quickly but now I'm at my next crossroad- I'm turning 26 soon and I will be no longer covered under my parents medical insurance and my current employer doesn't offer benefits.. or over time or really anything. It's a privately owned company and is not obligated to offer any such thing unfortunately.


That being said, does anybody have any ideas? I'm applying at all kinds of job over the next few weeks to try to secure one with medical coverage. If nothing pans out I will be relying on private insurance which is pretty expensive. I have a monthly script for Keppra but it's very expensive without insurance as well. I have a Bachelors Degree in business - who would have known it would have been this difficult to find a job with benefits! I probably should have just skipped college and worked the oil fields and rigs with my buddies. They're making close to 6 digits already and they barely graduated high school. Funny how things works out!


Thanks guys. Hope everyone is doing well.

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