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I've been on immovaine for 7 years. If I don't take it the racing thoughts, snowy vision and tinitus run amok and I see zero sleep. Absolutely none. It's like my body is tired, my brain is tired but there's is one part of my brain on auto pilot, showing me random images or playing parts of songs that will not shut off. And it's terrifying and annoying.

I recently got off Effexor and colanzopam.

I want off this shit too. My head already feels medicated and heavy from the hppd.

Any recommendations for getting off this drug? Sould I take a benzo before bed?

It's weird because the only time I feel somewhat normal is after I've taken it at night. That little blue pill is like my reward for makinging it through another day. But my body is telling me to get off it

Please share your experience with this drug


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I've been on daily Zopiclone for about 6 months some years ago, enough to develop a tolerance/ addiction to them. I tapered them slowly, decreased the dose gradually and spaced the uses, first every other day, then two days apart etc. When I finally ceased to use them I got nasty whitdrawal symptoms anyway, though they faded quickly.. Some cold perspiration, craving, anxiety and 2 completely sleepless nights. So there's really no easy way of these type of drugs..


I use the stronger sibling Zolpidem now. I recently got off a Lorazepam addiction, in which I got some knowledge; the Z-drugs (benzo-like) and traditional benzos go hand in hand; they cause the same type of addiction and the same type of withdrawal, this is the reason why I didn't experience any withdrawal on Lorazepam, since I still was using Zolpidem.


Maybe Zopiclone was the reason you managed to quit clonazepam, Kellen. Since the GABA-A receptor agonism wasn't interrupted..


I think you'll experience the worst withdrawal when you'll completely quit the benzos/ Z-drugs. So be ready for it!


My advice is plan your withdrawal carefully, taper slowly, and make sure you have a calm period in your life. Worries and stress will drive you straight back into the numbing, treacerous embrace of the benzodiazepines and Z-drugs. Make sure you have the willpower to end the addiction. Remind yourself constantly how they ruin your life and why you must get off them! Be prepared to go through a sweaty, anxious, sleepless hell, and think how good you'll feel after the withdrawal is over. Expect from two days up to two weeks of physical withdrawal at least. If you get through that time you have the easier part ahead of you!


Here's some links regarding the withdrawal and what drugs that causes it:






Zopiclone is found under the tab:  "Atypical benzodiazepine receptor ligands"

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