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Is This HPPD?

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I'm feeling like ever since I've smoked weed I've started to feel differently. I've never had a problem with smoking before but, a month ago I started to become really stressed, and I could not fall asleep for a couple of days because there was so many thoughts that kept me up. But when I smoked I felt really uncomfortable like I became dizzy, and my vision got really blurry and i saw like patterns of colors, and i started sweating, and I couldn't hear for like  10 seconds. I felt like I was going to die. I did not feel right, and I felt really sick then i threw up, and i felt better. This never has happened to me before. I'm positive there wasn't anything laced with the weed cuz my friends were fine when they smoked it. But once I came down from being high i started to feel better but then when i woke up the next day it felt like I was in a dream, and i was super tired. My neck felt really sore and my muscles were tense. I also started to have a terrible memory. Like I can't remember anything anyone said after a couple of minutes. I would not want to leave my bed, and I just wanted to relax. I also began to start having lack of emotion, and I had to force myself to have emotion. I used to be really outgoing, and would love to have fun. But, I just lost all of that. My thoughts aren't the same anymore, and that I can't talk to my friends because I dont have anything to say to them. My head has a lot of pressure on it. It's feeling like it's weighed down.  I can't have conversation. It's just been weird for me since last month. I don't have energy anymore, and I can't focus. I'm scared I'll be like this forever. I just dont feel smart anymore. I lost my personality. I don't have an appetite anymore and I just have to force myself to eat now. I'm too afraid to tell my parents what's been going on. But someone from another forum said it sounds like I have HPPD. I just need some help to see if anyone else is expeirencing  this. It's been going on for a long time and I want it to stop. I want to be normal again.

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I know exactly how you feel. I Have the heavy head feeling often. You may be experiencing some depersonalization/ detachment. I would stop smoking pot immediately. The last time I smoked I was bugging out. It increased my hppd severely and I didn't sleep for two days even on my sleep meds. You may not have hppd. You could jut be experincing awful symptoms from the weed. I knowi can not smoke pot. Although so many people can it messes with me so I avoid it. Good chance your symptoms will taper off after you quit pot. Give it a try.

Hope this helps


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Kellen, I have been really exhausted lately. I don't have any energy to get up. Is this a symptom of hppd? Everytime i smoked now I seem to bug out. I hate it. I'll quit, the problem is my friends they would be disspointed that I quit but it's worth it.

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