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This is a typical situation of "Re-inventing the wheel".
Choline supplementation has long been known to improve cognition, and there are numerous other, more efficacious forms of choline supplementation (such as Alpha GPC and CDP Choline, or even Choline Bitartrate if you must). Also, the article is biased and poorly investigated. Moreover, most (perhaps all, I didn't click every single link) studies provided link to other forms of choline supplementation, rather than phosphatidylcholine itself.
Phosphatidylserine shows far greater potential in mitigating HPPD.

In any case, taking a (soy) lecithin supplement would be better than taking solely phosphatidylcholine, as it contains other phospholipids as well. Supplementing (possibly along with lecithin) extra Phosphatidylserine will probably be even better.

But no, I haven't tried this supplement.

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Hmm I think these type of "cure for everything" supplements are quite shady.. 

It's better and safer to consume the natural products. Then you'll also get more complete nutrition. My favourite food containing high amounts of phosphatidylserine are mackerel and herring. Mackerel also contains a lot of omega-3, vitamin B12 and D, phosporus and magnesium. Mix it with soy and you got a phosphatidyl-bomb! :)

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