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Dear Community,

I have a few minutes until I have a meeting with my faculty, but I wanted to make a quick message.

The message board has been updated, and you should notice a new side bar that will help navigate updates to the web site. Additionally, Guest users are now no longer able to see certain sections that I want protected information for HPPD sufferers.

I have upgraded a few accounts to become Administrators of the message board. Some other members can send me a message if interested in Moderating a specific area. Additionally, to protect the community I have a member reviewing the aspects of the software.

Please, for the sake of the community, try to keep discussion of information on research or other treatments private if you are advised to do so. This is for safety reasons for the community and to ensure research continues.

I expect my comprehensive series of papers on HPPD to be bound and published May 11th. Additionally, I hope to a have an audio or video tape of my oral exams that will include Dr. Henry David Abraham.

I will be VERY AVAILABLE after graduation and working to build up this board.

Lastly,. I am having non-HPPD individuals involved in the operation of the board to have non-biased reviews to ensure that the members are true to either understanding this complex set of disorders, and any members trying to sabotage the community will be removed. Be aware that some individuals may ask for information from you and not do so in good faith.

If you are asked to be part of research or someone is asking questions you are uncomfortable with answering: PLEASE CONTACT ME AT HPPD@ME.COM. I will reply. I will set up an e-mail address for the Admins and Moderators.

My best wishes,

David Kozin, B.Sc. (May 11)



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