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BREAKING: HPPDonline & HPPD make news on largest Neuroscience Philanthropy Web site

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Dear Community,


1) Visit http://dana.org


2) Look at the top article. No, this is not an illusion.


    NEWS When the Trip Never Ends BY DIRK HANSON  

For some people, trying LSD or Ecstasy (MDMA) can leave a legacy of chronic visual hallucinations.



The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs. In 2010, the Dana Foundation restated the focus on Neuroscience initiatives and research. 


How does this affect us? Other than the major spike in Unique Visitors in the last two days, thought leaders interested in neuroscience are likely to have received their first introduction to this unusual syndrome. 


Our web site is cited, your comments and stories are being read, and judgements are being made. I can tell you that this is a major milestone for accurate HPPD-and-related-syndromes appearing to the larger clinical and research communities. 


Additionally, a piece for the NYT Magazine is one possible source should the final editorial decision be to pick up this as part of a unique story.


I will create a post to the members of the Dana Foundation. However, until that time I will give them a list of references from my Undergraduate thesis to help any interested reader see a syndrome with a history that is stable, possesses distinct boundaries and understated despite the evidence. 


Congratulations HPPDonline.com for making the front pages of the same group that started Brain Awareness Week. 




David K


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