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Convincing Doctor To Prescribe Sinemet

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Hello everyone,


I've had HPPD for 5 years and I would say it's on the mild side, but it still affects me in a negative way.  My worst symptoms are visual snow, closed eye visuals, and afterimages.  I don't have trails. 


My psychiatrist has been pretty liberal in prescribing medication but he won't prescribe Sinemet.  I showed him a paper from Dr. Abraham's website about the Sinemet trial, and he said he doesn't feel comfortable prescribing sinemet or tolcapone.


I'm looking for ways to get him to prescribe Sinemet.  I'm currently on 1.5 mg clonazepam, 150 mg amitryptiline, and 3000 mg of Keppra.  I've been on Keppra for 11 months and I don't think it's done anything.



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Some have had no help from Keppra where some had great results.  Have no idea how to get your doc to prescribe sinemet.  I think the only way is to have Dr Abraham consultation with your doc.  Most important, it is not something Dr. Abraham is suggesting to be used long term.

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Thanks for the reply, Larry.  I saw Dr. Abraham a few months after I acquired this disorder, but I can't see him now because either my insurance doesn't cover it or he doesn't accept insurance. 


I guess I probably shouldn't be looking to try Sinemet, anyway.  It seems like it has nasty side effects. 

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