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ocillopsia and nystagmus

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Hey guys hope y'all doing well as you can be.

I have a question for you diagnosed with HPPD, have you ever experienced or is hppd related to ocillopsia, the perception of your visual field shifting or jerking up and down or in and out, and nystagmus which I feel my eyes doing sometimes even now. These are my first and primary symptoms of my current predicament, I was diagnosed with "probably" labyrinthtis by my GP but this is week 11 or 12 and although my disequalibrilium dissappeared my shifting, bouncing, jerking vision remains and gets noticably worse when reading of my computer screen or when walking, so i am starting to doubt that diagnosis. I am going to see a ENT soon, as I am positive I had at one point a vestibular problem. As for the other visual symptoms of hppd such as minor visual snow, afterimages, ghosting, dp ( or maybe just horrible brain fog and just general dysforia), they appeared after my orginal symptoms of this shifting visual thing. Maybe they can be explained by my anxiety and my somewhat obessive nature of looking for things, although my increased perception of afterimages cannot be explained anxiety. I don't know I just always found it hard to believe that I somehow stumbled upon HPPD and some vestibular problem in the same span of 12 hours. Unless there is some hidden link between vestibular dysfunction and HPPD.

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