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I drank for the first time in about 8 months last night and bam my symtoms exploded this morning. Nothing unbearable(I have a much milder case than most here). But I was just curious if this happens to everyone that drinks. Symptoms worsen after drinking? Then return to normal? If I start drinking again regularly will anything start to adjust and symptoms won't increase as badly? Would love to here some personal experience with this

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Dude, I finally quit drinkin on sunday. I do have a much milder case as well, but I guess I overdid it, and I've been feelin out of it for the past week, not to mention dissociated, and some symptoms have gotten a bit worse as well. Smoking makes my symptoms noticeably worse, but I dont feel nowhere near as out of it the day after in comparison to when I drink, and my symptoms are usually back to baseline by the time I wake up...Maybe thats just me though

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