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bbc radio program on ptsd - relevant to hppd?


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bbc radio 4 program All In The Mind on today wed 5th dec 3.30pm gmt and next week too. It will be available on bbc iplayer for next couple of weeks for UK residents and overseas subscribers. It was mainly about alzheimers, but also had a section on how people react differently to trauma. About 10% of people who experience trauma will go on to get ptsd - same rate as hppd perhaps? Next week will cover how people can reduce their risk of ptsd after trauma - maybe something similar could help reduce onset of hppd?


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I got PTSD from a traumatic experience 5 months after getting the first symptoms of HPPD. The trip I got HPPD from I still consider to be the best I ever had - very lucid, visionary and euphoric.

Under that 5 month period I stuffed myself with many exotic psychedelic drugs, all good trips though. The symptoms got worse due to the drug use, progressing from mild to severe HPPD.

Then came the trauma, which I was sober when I experienced.

So I don´t consider PTSD to be a factor in HPPD onset, more of a coincidence that some people got HPPD from a bad, PTSD causing trip.

Though I admit it was the PTSD that caused the largest leap for my full crash, which made me disabled (still on disability today).

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Throughout my military career, i have seen uncountable amounts of atrocities that would make a normal, decent human being gag in revolt and disgust. I myself never was bothered by these sights or by the actions I have bee ordered to carry out, however, I have served with many men who it all proved to overbearing for and succumbed to the hell of PTSD. Men I knew for years were curled into balls in the fetal position crying uncontrollably, begging to go home and completely unfit for general duty. I have never suffered from PTSD, but I do suffer from lucid dreams about these numerous atrocities I have witnessed or taken part in. I like to attribute the dreams to my HPPD, it serves as a scape goat from the elephant in the room, PTSD. I just hope it's the HPPD and not PTSD.

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