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Worsening trails and Hydroxyzine. Should I stop taking it?


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Hello guys. First of all, sorry for my english as is not my native lenguage.

I have HPPD for 7 years. I was an old member of the old hppdonline forum...

I've been taking Hydroxyzine for two days for sleep and for Klonopin withdrawal (I've been struggling with a serious addiction during many years). Hydroxyzine relax me, make me very sleepy and helps with my insomnia but the trailing vision is definitely much worse. In fact, I was not even noticing the trails (I don't know if I got used to it or if they were gone), Now they are as agressive as the first day when I got HPPD. As always, I'm afraid of make this permanently worse. Does anyone know if this kind of medications can permanently worsen HPPD? Or should this be temporary? I don't know if I should stop taking this. Of course I don't want to run any risk.

I would apreciate any comments or advice....

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I answered myself and I stopped taking the hydroxyzine, I only took it for two days. But now all my visuals are worse and this damn trails are really strong again. I'm afraid this could be permanent, I can't believe it.. This really sucks. Is incredible how unpredictable a medication can be, even after all this years.

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Hows your dpdr/ brain fog?

I forgot it! I was about to edit my post to mention that; My DP/DR and brain fog are pretty bad at this moment... the insane trippy feeling..... In fact that was one of the worse symptoms of HPPD for me, much worse to handle than the visuals...

It was definitely the hydroxyzine, no doubt about it. I've been tapering off klonopin for over a year.

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