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Ok guys. I've been takin pregabalin (lyrica), 50 mg 3 times a day for just over a week. It has helped somewhat for anxiety, maybe 10 percent overall. Visuals are still there but not as bothered about them. Also still on 40 mg of Prozac am, and get a weekly prescription of 14 mg of klonopin that I take pretty randomly. Sposed to take 1mg a day but find that 1.5 to 2mg does the job much better. Anyway, seems like this calcium channel blocker type works not bad for me. So still really want to get on keppra if that blocks it off big time. Plus ive had no irritability issues with the lyrica which is good. On another note I was at docs last week or more and asked for blood tests for testosterone levels and thyroid cos my libidos off and for years I've been up and down in the weight stakes while still eating consistently the same and exercising loads. She also took blood for 'brain hormone' checks. I should have asked her what cos it's pretty vague. Just got a phone call to make an appointment to speak to doc about these 'brain hormone' results. What kinda things brain wise can show up in a normal blood test? kinda intrigued but a wee bit worried lol.

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Better not be milky titties. lol. nah, deffo not that. im hoping just low testosterone n they can give me a wee roid boost.

pregabalins Not bad. Seems to make me feel a bit more stable and lessen anxiety and give me a slightly better sleep. Maybe ten percent improved which is better than nowt. makes me think if pregabs a calcium channel blocker but still letting a sliver of hppd through then keppra would be a calcium channel obliterator and let fuck all through. Also still taking klono and Prozac though but it's deffo the pregabalin that's stepped things up a bit. Allthough I'm still self medding on tramadol that seems to be available everywhere I turn and I can't help but take it. Infrequently but anything up to 400mg of tramadol a day.

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