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Ok so when I was having my really bad trip I was hallucinating that there was something holding a laser pen under my door and shining it all around my room after 18 months and still sometimes I get the same sort of hallucination it's more so when it's dark at night if I have my eyes open its as if I see the same thing as if someone is shining the laser pen dot all around however its barely noticeable is this a flashback I'm confused as to what this might be its so strange it's hard to explain

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I've had exactly the same symptom two times 2 months ago. It happened at the moment when I was waking up. I just checked at the wall of my cupboard and got a little confused - about dozen laser pointer look-a-like dots on it. :D They disappeared in minutes though. Luckily there shouldn't be any snipers targeting us.

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