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The floor is moving


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Hi I think I have some form of vestibular HPPD, something feels really really off when I walk, I feel lightheaded and spaced out.....I feel like I am floating.....and my head is full of pressure....my ears feel full....this is the worst symptom ever and it is not going away. Nothing helps. HPPD for 5 months now and already fed up!

Does anyone get any vertigo sensations. Ive had hppd for 10 years now and i would say the last 5 years ive had some form of vertigo. Some months are worse than others, but there is a constant sway to my body. When i try to sleep i feel like im on a boat. When its bad i feel like Mr squidward when i walk and my legs feel like rubber. When i go from sitting to standing or turn my head fast it feels like a Gforce. Ive tryed toi get used to it but when some weeks are worse then others and when it seems to go away it always comes back. Ah its great fun :( Not to mention SInce ive gotten hppd my trails have gotten worse at an increasing pace since the begginning. This year ive started seeing trails inside of the tv. How annoying

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well my head use to feel pressure like that when it first began that subsided with time for me. Maybe the klonopin helped it

1) How long have you been on klonopin and at what dose. Long term use of these meds can cause havoc in your nervous system and may cause or contribute to the vertigo

2) There may be some issue with your inner ear. Problems there cause vertigo. See a ENT specialist and describe your problem.

3) There may be a blood diffusion issue in the brain. After 2) if no answer from him/her, see a neurologist and discuss the symptoms and mention the blood flow to the brain possibility if he/she does not. You may need to have a neurospect scan.

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