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Tips gathered from people who got better


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I just want to give you the list I made with tips from people who got better! Feel free to add things if I forgot something :

1. Ignore the symptoms, do not study your anxiety, stop searching on Google and forums (Oops!)

2. Stay sober

3. Eat healthy

4. Take supplements, especially the brain-related ones (magnesium, Omega 3/6/9)

5. Exercise

6. Wait...time heals all wounds (really?)

7. NSAID (for headaches)

8. Sleep well

9. Hydrate

10. Read

11. Make brain-related exercises

12. Believe in the fact that you can be cured and that all efforts you make will help you

13. Do things that make you happy

14. Reduce stress, try meditation

15. Low GI diet

16. Benzo only if necessary

I am currently trying almost everything listed (except maybe the fact that I should quit Internet and the forums, and the diet...I make efforts to eat well but I'm not checking on the GI of every food I eat). No improvement until now. Almost 3 months since the onset.

Again, feel free to add things if you think of something else! :)

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I think sleep is really, really important. I think that having a very strict sleep schedule helped me a lot, (as in eating meals at the same time everyday too, and dinner no later than 6 pm). the next most important things are staying sober and thinking positively,

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My main symptoms are visuals and anxiety! But my anxiety lessened a bit in the past week. Thank God! But I have the full range of visuals : trails, starbursts, negative afterimages, and a bit of visual snow. I hope this will go away soon! I saw an eye doctor yesterday and she said my eyes are fine, and that's probably migraine related :s. Strangely, I don't have any headaches...

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mayby---no anxiety/dp is great. Low level neg. afterimage and snow are no big deal. But, I know, starburst and trails (in particular) suck! I went to the eye doctor too they said the same: eyes fine.

They don't know sht....lol

mikethemerc---- I don't know anything about your military career but i was wondering if training/combat helped along some of these weird HPPD-like symptoms in the past. For instance, if you were to be in the seal training(navy), that i know that they keep people up sometimes for days with no sleep. If you have a really bad reaction to that, that the "pathways" can be paved for you to "ride" on in the future. ----Any thoughts? Or did your military experience have nothing to do with it?

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Now that you bring it up mgrade, you may be right. The Marines and all the service branches keep you up for 4 days for whats called "The moment of truth" and the Marines force march you around for those 4 days. The purpose is so when they question you on your medical/criminal record you are delirious and honest. I actually had my only real hallucination in my life on the last day of it. I "tripped" that a Marine in dress blues came in behind my forming day DI and started breakdancing lol. I laughed so hard, and then got whacked pretty hard, or "moved" as they put it in the Corps. It took me a week to stop microsleeping during the day after that along with some real vivid dreams. I definitely think all my experiences leading up to Ayahuasca made me more prone to HPPD, definitely. Actually this relapse could be because of sleep dep too, I took 6 classes this summer semester and was sleeping in the library between classes cause I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Then I smelled pot smoke and BOOM...welcome back to hell.

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