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Sensory Study


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Study Title: (IRB# 11-660: Choice)


Wanted: Healthy volunteers, 18 - 64 years of age, to participate in a functional brain imaging study at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute (VTCRI).


We are studying the response of the human brain to common sensory stimuli. Volunteers may view pictures, videos, or hear sounds while they lie in a magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI scanner), and their brain is scanned. They may also answer questions about their experiences.


Pay is $20 to $200. Volunteers will lie still in the scanner for up to one hour at a time or perform tasks on a computer.


By participating, you will be contributing to our understanding of how the brain responds to various sensory stimuli. It is also hoped that this will lead to a better understanding of personal points-of-view.

Volunteers may be taking medication for medical reasons, but must not be taking illegal drugs. No drugs will be given in this study.


If you proceed to this link:




Your name will then appear on the enrollment and I can begin scheduling you for an appointment!


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Matt Tripp through email at mptripp@vtc.vt.edu or by phone at (540) 526-2034.



Note: You received this email because you have opted in for notices from the Human Neuroimaging Lab at the VTCRI.  If you prefer to not receive emails like this in the future, please login to https://subjex.vtc.vt.edu/ and change your preferences in your ‘Profile’.  If you experience any issues opting out, please contact us using the information above.




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I think an fMRI is a bit different but this is a question reserved for guys like David or Visual to answer. Can a 16 year old participate? With parental consent I'm sure. If they DO find something it can only help.

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