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when you think you`re the only one


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i`ve had hppd for 20 years...recently diagnosed...never knew what was wrong...why i was different..and couldn`t understand why i was seeing these things...i went to school with it from14 years old onwards and never told anyone about it till i was twenty six......at first it was distressing...scary..and several times i`d tried to take my life....but through it all....i left school...walked into a very dangerous job and kept my wits about me....hallucinating heavily and standing on a small metal beam 400 metres from the ground...don`t know much about anyone else or how it differs for them.......comments please....help me out a little....appreciated...thank you

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I'm glad that you found your way here. I am pretty new here too and I have to say it helps a lot to know that there are others experiencing the same stuff. It really helps a lot to share your thoughts about hppd but also about everything else. I wouldn't believe it myself if I did not try it.

I know how troublesome it can be. Everyone here knows... but the ones who have a good time help the ones who have a bad time.

so, yeah. ferret also asked some stuff already. For me it was really helpful to write down my symptoms, just to specify them and see literally what is "wrong" with me...

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