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Drivers license with hppd disability


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Well basically thats all im worried about. I know what its called now at least. Trying to find any information on the internet about acid is impossible. So anyways, had hppd since 2009 summer. I guess I can live with it, as I have lived with it for about 3 years, the only problem I have, and its a major one, is what is the driver license laws when it comes to hppd. Yea I know its calssified as a disability, and I havent had an accident in three years, its just plaguing my future as far as renewing my license or if I get pulled over. Thats all I care about, any help?

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hmm i dont know which tests are necessary for the license in america but in germany you only need to do a simple test where you read letters from a board.

but if you have epillepsy you will lose your license untill you are free of sizures for 6 month. but how should a doctor test if you are still having visuals because of HPPD there is normally no scan which shows a result. so you are able to lie and the doctor cant prove.

but if you think that you arent able to drive safly its your decission. i dont want to kill childreen in an accident. but there are people who are mostly blind still drivin so i think HPPD is in the most cases not prevending you from driving safe.

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It shouldnt prevent you. My driving test is in 2 weeks. Iv done lots of lessons and my theory test with hppd. Infact my driving is better than it was pre hppd because im more alert. Just do as nepu says its a personal thing. If u wake up and think fuck me, it is not safe for me to drive today then dont...if u feel safe and ur visuals are ok then go for it

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Have you been diagnosed with HPPD? Most of us on here haven't because its impossible to be in Europe and most American doctors are very reluctant to diagnose it.

Because It is considered so rare of a condition (although I doubt tht it really is) i doubt there are any regulations in place that would keep a diagnosed HPPDer from driving but I don't know.

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You can get dui's just from being tired or taking antidepressants ect... I always worry cause I drive daily and take klonopin which is basically an automatic dui. In Arizona they take blood test more often then breathalizers it's scarry as hell.

If you don't take any meds don't worry about it, Dr's don't even know what hppd is..a dumb asss cop sure as hell won't know.

If you haven't already DONT TELL THEM YOU HAVE HPPD they could take away your DL. If you ever get pulled over obviously same thing, you're not on any meds if they ask ect....

This is a touchy subject to me, if I get one more dui on klonopin (have 1 already) the laws here will put me in prison on a felony charge for 1 yr.

PPl move out of AZ because Sherriff Joe A. is so hard on Dui offenders.

I agree you should go to jail for dui's so I deserved it. Only 6 months in Jail:( and 10k fine I didn't hit anybody just had my brights on, but again I deserved it ppl lose family's from idiots like I was that night.

Just an example how harsh they are in AZ. My sister was really drunk a month ago and her husband was driving sober, he went inside the house while she stayed in the vehicle, A cop saw her laughing and smoking a cig. so did a sobriety test on her. She's is now going to tent city (AZ hell jail) for 6 months, just cause she was in the car w/ the keys in the ignition. The vehicle wasn't even running. Sorry to get off topic but have to vent on this messed up situation.

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