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Before I took klonopin I remeber always getting very sore eyes. As well as my chest being extremely tight, it was hard to breath as well. I actually don't get any of this anymore cause of these devil pills.

I realize how far I've come in getting better when I think about all these horrific events I experienced. My head pressure is even 75% better and that is my worse symptom. (I do get precribed zanaflex muscle relaxers for it though, but I don't take it daily)

It's hard to forget my chest getting so tight, my heart racing and muscle spasms all around my rib cage, it fealt like my heart was spasming, freaked me out. But all the EKG's indicated it was just muscle spasms.

Those did get better in time though. I was on a small amount of klonopin so it just helped a little, but slowly over the next yr they were not nearly as bad and I didn't up my dose....long story short all my symptoms have gotten better except dp/dr....Feel better and remember when you're feeling aweful, clean the house anything to get your mind off it, plus you'll feel less anxious after moving around for a while. BEDTIME ;)

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Yeah thats what I thought at first, honestly felt like a collapsed lung or heart attack. But then I think hppd is pretty kuch anxiety based. Iv been good the past couple weeka but even so all that anxiety is.muscle tension etc. I juat try stay calm and not worry too much. Usually goes away in an hour or so

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If you had a collapsed lung or a heart attack, you'd be suffering so much that you wouldn't have any doubt that something went wrong. If you have any symptoms other than dp/dr or visuals, then it's not connected with HPPD so I wouldn't worry about it. Getting proper sleep really helps with anxiety.

I am still up at 3 AM typing this and can't go to sleep. I am hesitant to take "sleep aid" because it has been linked to HPPD.

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Had a sore left eye again today. Anyone get sore eyes? Also a tight and sore chest earlier... Anxiety I reckon. Wasnt particularly stressed out though

Sore eyes were the beginning of my deterioration. But really havend experience tight chest.

The eyeballs simply ache. It isn't pain from light sensitivity. It isn't like sand from a welder flash. I feels like pressure.

This is one principle reason I don't continue with Wellbutrin. It is remarkably helpful for visuals (don't need Sinemet) but eyes begin to hurt just like the way it all started. Also can get migraines.

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The eyes have to work hard with HPPD, to keep focus through the mist of VS, photosensitivity, warping objects and color confusion to name a few symptoms..

No wonder that they get strained and dry.. ;-)

Also, I get this mostly from a combination of visual strain, mental strain and physical strain. Like neuroton says, it's very reminiscent of how you feel with a migraine on the way..

The soreness behind the eyes seems to be caused by an swelling of the blood vessels behind the eye ball, common with migraines and cluster headaches.

I have a combination of dry, strain and pressure soreness in the eyes every day, one or more all the time without stop.

Thinking of getting eye drops to alleviate the worst periods a bit, though prevention is the most important. Which is: wearing sunglasses as much as possible and avoiding too much stress on the mind and body..

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