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I found this drug online called Kanna(sceletium tortuosum). It apparently mixes well with weed and is supposed to just be very calming. Some websites are saying it could be considered an ssri which probably isn't a good idea to do but I'm not sure. I have'nt smoked anything but weed in while and I'm not sure I should try new drugs anymore because my hppd is calming down. Have you guys heard anything about this stuff?


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If you aren´t sure and really only want to chill, Kratom should be good for you.

But seriously don´t take drugs while having HPPD :D..Anyways, you drink it as a tee and its cheaper then weed.

You can compare it to a light Opium Flash.

But : if you get addicted you´ll have big problems, because getting clean of it is as hard as getting off from Opium.

And you know what that means??

Headache, Stomachhurtings until youll drink the tea again, bad sleep, longer sleep, depressions.....i only took it for 2 weeks everyday, the Cleaning-symptomps are worse then anything else seriously, now i can imagine how it is to get off Heroin!

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