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thoughts on hppd, 8 years


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Alright; I've had HPPD for 8 years. I think my final conclusion is that there really is nothing to treat or medicate, whatever therapy people may think of; it's basically a physical after-effect of the toxic effects of the drugs/stress that were combining in the brain at the time it happened.

You can treat your stress/anxiety, which is good, and you may even not worry that much about HPPD anymore, and could diminish temporary aggravations of symptoms. But that's pretty much all that can be done; at least from what I've found in my experience, and I've tried many different things to directly get rid of it.

Fortunately, the brain can heal.... but, only if you allow it. Don't expect to get any better if you continue to engage in unhealthy activities such as drinking alcohol or something similar.

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