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Worrying about severe eye problems...

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Today i had a fuckin terrible thing happen, an after image appeared randomly, then went blood red, very dark almost like opacke? it was a large red square that went away slowly, 2 or 3 mins. ( as u can imagine i almost urinated in fear ) Retinal detachment is a large worry playing on my mind right now, my vision has always sucked, but i think its got worse, way worse. seeings ALOT of floaters, which i thought was normal anyway with hppd? and this red blotch has really freaked me out. Does anyone have any input on this? Im going to get an eye check tomorrow to be sure but im very worried. I have no real reason to fear a detachment however this blotch isnt normal hppd, unless anyone can ellaborate on that and help me out? any input is greatly appreciated, i am absolutely shitting my pants right now

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