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food that effects hppd.

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Right I need to curb this ocd once and for all. Im paranoid shit I eat will make me trip. Im sitting with a cornish pasty here im scared to eat cos it contains nutmeg. I know if u chew alot of or smoke nutmeg u can get high. Hppders aee apparently super sensitive to drugs. Is thid so? Is there any foods that fuck.hppd up?

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I decided yesterday I wasnt gunna live crippled by conpulsions not to do stuff. Today iv been stripping and painting mine and my mates bmx. Been in good ventilation. It was hard at first. But iv been fine. I feel normal and the paint hasnt effected my hppd. If I can inhale paint fumes etc. Im pretty sure I can eat whatever I want. Just gotta push myself out my comfourt zone

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haha fuck that, i snorted wasabi powder once, holy fuck that was the most painfull 5 quid iv ever earned.

man i regret painting, super thick snow and super long trails. hope i havnt permanantly fucked myself

Thats the kinda luck i have, try to get over OCD by pushing myself out a bit...actually ocd was for a reason and now have worse hppd. im too unlucky

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