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  1. Yea, I think everyone i knew was quite surprised when I graduated from Chefs Academy. yes, the depersonalization was so severe back then as I can remember but also healed up eventually. Actually it healed faster than the hppd to some degree and it still has not returned despite my hppd returning. I remember with my depersonalization back then. I was on the first Team Rugby and Waterpolo and ended up getting dropped from them. I’ll never forget the one Rugby practice where I couldn’t even catch the ball being passed to me in a simple exercise. I just couldn’t get it right. My spacial awaren
  2. Yes. I remember my visual snow initially started after my first bad trip on cannabis. Which was my third time ever smoking it. The first two times I smoked low grade stuff where as the third time was some well grown indoor. The snow is the one that takes the longest to heal from, from my personal experience. Definitely a strong link between hppd and SSRI’s, absolutely. I personally cannot touch antidepressants without them sending me on some sort of hard ‘acid trip’. The hppd I experience is vast. My current spike that I’m going through is nothing compared to my DMT & Acid days 11 y
  3. Hi. My visual snow was bad in the beginning. From 13 to about 23 I had visual snow. I must admit that from 13 to 17 I was just making it worse from all the smoking, herb. But from 17 to 23 I did see improvement after I stopped all smoking weed and taking psychedelics. Where it got to the point that I could barely even see it by 24 years of age. I found though that once I became more comfortable with the Visual Snow and tried paying less attention to it that it slowly started going away. It takes a really long time so watching it and waiting for it makes it seem like an endless journey. So
  4. Thank you for the response Robbie. It brings me closure and reassurance to hear that. This is probably my 3rd real spike in Hppd since initial onset 13 years ago. I have confidence in a couple of weeks time the symptoms will gradually subside back to baseline again. Was good to hear from you. Best wishes.
  5. Hello my name is Lucca. I was born and raised in South Africa, Cape Town and have lived here for most of my life. I am a Male at 26 years of age (1994). I trained and studied to be a Chef and graduated from College in the year 2013. I had been working as a Chef in the industry in various countries since then (South Africa, Spain & France). For the past year I have been running my own business fixing Surfboards. Its a small business only consisting of myself but I am able to pay the bills with the income I make from it. I can also say that my work makes me happy and I am satisfied with my
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