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  1. Thanks so much!! Yeah after the stint in the ER I got a referral for a cardiologist and I’m gonna do a 30 day heart monitor followed by some more testing. I think the relaxation thing will be key.
  2. No but the thing is I went into the ER and they DID find stuff. I was having an extreme case of atrial fibrillation that couldn’t be stopped with medication so they had to put me to sleep and use the AED on me to shock my heart back into a normal rhythm. It’s not just palpitations or fast or panic attack stuff, this is real heart atrial fibrillation. At age 24
  3. Im young, in shape, 24, and shouldn’t have any underlying heart conditions. I’m freaking the fuck out after having to have my heart shocked in the ER. I highly doubt it’s physically related to HPPD, but now if anything my anxiety about my body and perception of health is skyrocketing.
  4. See I thought I was hypochondriac with my heart too.... until 3 nights ago when I went into the ER because my heart was in A-fib. Long story short they couldn’t get it back to a normal rhythm so they had to put me to sleep and shock my heart. Yes like with the AED and everything, it was that intense. So now I don’t know what to think....
  5. Hello! I am only just beginning to understand that I have HPPD, and even so I’m still not convinced 100% that I have it. About four years ago I probably did around 10 trips of acid within a year. Since then I’ve probably tripped 5 times. One of the biggest changes over the past year or two is developing symptoms of neuropathy, muscular things, and other nerve related symptoms. These include things like pins and needles in the hands and feet, strange sensations across my face, near constant muscle twitches in at least one part of my body, shaking in my hands, etc. I’m an otherwise he
  6. Hello! I’ve only recently began to understand that I have HPPT. And even so I’m still not completely sure if I do. But one of the things that has developed with the rest of my symptoms over the past 2 to 3 years is bad chest pain. it’s not associated with anxiety and it definitely is musculoskeletal. After talking with the doctor I was diagnosed with costochondritis, basically inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs and the sternum. I saw other people talk about connective tissue issues with HPPD. Wonder if it could be something like that.Wonder if it could be something like that.
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