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  1. Yea, but did that go away before you started with the sertraline or when you were on it?
  2. Yea it really is! But i'm curious, you've said that your visual snow diminished, was that when you were on Sertraline? And are your vision really clear today?
  3. This is interesting, because i've read a couple of other cases were it actually have helped alot (see below). Did your visual snow go away while you were on them? https://amp.reddit.com/r/HPPD/comments/6a62yr/ssri_helped_with_hppd/ And a case study, but it seems that he only had HPPD type l since it says that his symptoms "occured almost daily": "Antidepressant treatment was begun with sertraline 25 mg and was titrated upward slowly owing to concern about these flashbacks. Mild exacerbations of these LSD-like phenomena were noted for 2 to 4 days after each dosage increase, primarily as
  4. I found this, so unless he's lying, which i doubt, the symptoms can actually go in to full remission as Dr. Abraham have said. Just too bad that they came back for him about a year later after alot of stress, and if i understod it right he kept on drinking, which may have been the cause for it.
  5. Thank you! And i'm sorry to hear that you're also in this boat. I will definately do that, his/hers sounds very similar to my symptoms! God i would have loved to ask Dr. Abraham a few questions, hopefully that could have given me some hope and ease of mind, but it seems that he's retired now. Really? So your sight is clear now? What were the other distortions that went away? Did you also experience that you couldn't focus on objects (or still do)? How much would you say that you recovered (symptoms going away) after getting it the first time? Anyways, I'm glad to hear that you've done so we
  6. Ok! Which of your symptoms have diminished? Do you know of anyone else that have made a near full recovery? When it comes to me i got it two weeks ago after a regular cannabis consumption over the last two months (2-3 times each week), prior to that i haven't used any other drugs than caffein and alcohol and lived a very healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise. The static/visual snow, ghosting, inability to focus on objects and that things in the distance looks "blurry" is killing me, it's like i've lost 40% of my vision. On top of that my brain feels "fried" and i never feel fully awa
  7. Hi! The title pretty much says it all! Can HPPD actually heal, or is it just that people get used with the symptoms over time? I've read so many different statements and stories so i really don't know what to believe, and the not knowing is one of the worst parts about this illness. I know that Dr. Abraham have said that around 50% makes a 100% recovery within 5 years, but i can't help but wonder what he means with "recovery"? Is it the symptoms actually going away or as i said above, getting used to it? Have any of your guys symptoms gone away or drastically subsided?
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